Termite Pest Control Services: It is true that termite and pest control has become a necessity these days. Many home and business owners realize the ill effects of leaving an area untreated for a long time. Not only does this cause instability to your structure but it also decreases the value of your home or office. Whether you are a homeowner or the owner of a local business you need expert help to conduct the inspection and treatment of termite and pest infested areas. That’s because only experts in termite and pest control can successfully detect and treat these miniature silent demolishers.


Termite and pest control is conducted first by doing an inspection of the suspect areas. Next, treatment is carried out by an expert exterminator which could last for 2 to 3 hours. A standout is our use of top of the line devices such as the Termatrac Termite Detection Radar System. Developed in 1999, this device revolutionized termite and pest control. It offers precise detection without penetrating walls, ceilings, and floors, whether made of brick, timber, plasterboard, or concrete.

Pest Control:

Eliminating termites, pests, and rodents in your home may seem like an overwhelming task. That’s why many homeowners find themselves searching the web for the best pest control company that can do the job most effectively and cost efficiently. The search is over now that you’ve found out HGS Hafi General Services.

The best pest control company: 
In addition to having the most experienced team of extermination experts in Karachi. HGS uses top caliber equipment that helps us do our job beyond professional standards. Our equipment permits us to accurately identify the presence of termites without having to tear apart the walls, ceilings, and floors in your home or building. This is just one of the many offers and advanced services we provide that.

Why choose HGS for Pest Control?
If you’re in Karachi, remember one name for termite and pest control: HGS Hafi General Services. We have a long time experience and having served thousands of residential and commercial clients all over the Karachi.