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13 12, 2017

Termite Proofing

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Introduction:  Termite Proofing :  Construction, Renovation, Interior Designing and Fumigation Services (bed bugs, Termites etc). Termite Proofing the project teams always Termite Proofing  a strong foundation of trust. Also mutual respect generated through positive relationship. With clients, architects, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers and Fumigators staff  Termite Proofing . We are not only responsive. And sympathetic with client’s objectives. But we are also [...]

16 09, 2017

Termite Proofing Treatment

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TERMITE PROOFING TREATMENT Call Hafi General Services to exterminate the termites at your premises; you may surely hire the most reliable termite control services in Karachi. Termites are known worldwide for their destructive behaviors. These pests consume wood and cellulose extremely fast and pose a common problem to industries, corporate organizations and residential spaces. Do [...]