Pest Control Services

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HAFI Pest Control is registered with Government institutions and reliable services Provider in all over the Karachi-Pakistan. We offer Eco, Safest, friendly & odorless treatment. We also offer the quickest turnaround time in emergency Pest Control Services including Sunday. HAFI Pest Control Company has an expert, long experience & trained staff that provide you with safe and effective treatment against your pest.


Pest Control Consultation in Pest Control Organization, Agricultural Advisory Supports, Farmers Field Inspections, Constructed and Under Construction Site Supports and all other allied supports/services.


There is countless residential, a commercial and industrial area in Karachi such as Banks, schools, hotels, hospitals, malls, hypermarkets, real estate buildings, warehouses, villas, universities, offices, factories, accommodations. In all area, pest control is necessary because everyone is affected and disturbed due to this pest problem. Sometimes face a big loss because Termite is a silent destruct, may cause a big loss, destroy the expensive furniture, doors etc. you may face problem in warehouses, it may become a risk for warehouse items, stocks can be affected. Same like as, residential premises in Karachi-Pakistan, where residences are living, they are facing insects like as: Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Rodents, Ants, Spider, Flies, Rats & Mice, Mosquitoes, Termite, Etc.

Always Choose Registered and Approved Fumigation/Pest Control Provider

Choosing Right Fumigation/Pest Control Provider when you have Pest Problem in Karachi-Pakistan. Only Registered and Approved Companies are allowed to Provide Pest Control Services in Karachi-Pakistan.


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