Office Pest Control for Property & Office

Office Pest Control for Property & Office

Office Pest Control for Property Management & Office Buildings doesn’t just start with science it continues day in and day out to help ensure your property is protected from pests and the damage they can do. Every HGS Commercial Pest Specialist is trained to assess your buildings unique characteristics then implement and monitor a plan based in science that he’s created just for you. You don’t let just anyone lease space in your property. You want tenants whose reputations add real value. Shouldn’t your pest management provider’s reputation do the same? When you choose a program backed by more than 6 years of scientific research and proven results. And your Commercial Pest Specialist will tailor your program to meet your needs. Our standard Office Precision Protection package includes crawling insect and rodent control. HGS Successful office pest control.

Pest Control for Property Management


Your program might include other services such as system incorporates our proprietary pest-monitoring software to provide the information you need.

Fly Control Flies are a nuisance and a health risk in a business environment and can spread bacteria. They reproduce quickly, so control is a challenge. We can develop a strategic plan specifically for your property. Odor Control Odors are an unseen deterrent to your property. We offers a variety of odor control solutions to keep your environment smelling clean.


Flies often infest homes with ripe, rotting, or decayed and produce. They also enjoy fermented items such as beer, liquor, and wine. Flies also may breed and develop in drains, garbage disposals, trash cans, and mop buckets. Once they begin reproducing indoors, females are able to lay about 500 eggs and the eggs will hatch in as little as 24-30 hours after being deposited by the female.



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