Office Pest Control Karachi

How to Eliminate Office Pests

Hafi Pest Control Services Provide Office Pest Control in Karachi. Our technical and trained staff can solve your pest problems. Your office, that place where you showcase your professional skills, should have a zero-tolerance policy for pests and bugs. Thoughts of the threats posed by an infestation, however slight, should send a shudder down every spine at the workplace. The presence of these creatures poses a health risk for everyone.


If we had to describe cockroaches in one word, it would be adaptable. There’s a reason these pests often thrive despite a homeowner’s best efforts. That’s where Hafi Pest Control Services comes in. We aren’t a one size fits all type of pest control company. Our trained pest-control-professionals will treat your home’s specific cockroach problem quickly and effectively. Don’t let your pest problem snowball. Cockroaches reproduce quickly and one or two can quickly become a full on infestation.

With this in mind, it’s prudent to know what you’re up against and how to deal with the problem decisively.


Roaches are attracted to easy sources of food and water. A clean home with an unseen water leak may attract as many roaches as a dirty home with perfect plumbing. Removing these sources of food is the first step in preventing a cockroach infestation. Fix water leaks, dispose of trash regularly and don’t leave food items out. Also, look around your home. Are you building a cockroach’s home for it? Clear grocery bags, boxes and other items from under your sink, in closets, pantries and other places that cockroaches might lay their eggs.

Common office pests and problem areas


Spiders are commonly found in dry, warm locations such as desks, air vents, room corners, etc. Their presence is solid confirmation that you have a bug problem because spiders survive by eating other insects.


They are attracted to food and will troop in line to the source – supplies stored in the open, spills, leftovers, garbage, etc.


Most likely found in the office breakroom because it provides food, water and shelter


These are generally found in anything that contains cellulose including paper, cardboard, wood and plants


Probably hitchhiked their way to the office courtesy of your workmates or visiting clients. Once present, bedbugs start feeding off people’s blood and multiply rapidly while lurking in furniture crevices, cushions and fabrics

Rats and mice

You could have a problem with rodents if your workplace is quiet, dirty and cluttered. They’ll mostly forage at night targeting garbage bins, unsealed food containers , leftovers and dumpsters.

Drain flies

You’ll mostly find these around bathroom and kitchen sinks. Larvae feed on gunk found in pipes; they fly out once they’ve matured.

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