General Services Company

General Services Company

Hafi General Services Company is an industry leader. We are providing Pest control services, General Order Supplier for offices, Civil and Construction Services, Interior Designing & Renovation Services. Our company provides the services as a local agent. Our company has success through a consistent focus on exceptionally low prices, outstanding delivery, and excellent customer service.

Some of the challenging and prestigious projects that (HGS) has undertaken are the outcome of effective planning and management of time and resources. Commercial Buildings and Residential are the kinds of projects completed by the company. As a result, there is a long-standing relationship between the company and the clients after the completion of projects.

Our Services Details as Follow:


Pest Control Services:

The pest control eliminator and pest control services are our pride and we are confident in our effective and fast growing services. That’s why people trust in our services and techniques we used for the treatment of pests everywhere.

General Order Supplier:
HGS is the largest general order suppliers in Karachi. We provide Stationery, Photocopier, total office automation solution, printer, scanner, computers, laptops, furniture’s, tissues and all kind of office need.
Construction Services:
Our Professional Construction Services providing comprehensive construction services with continues escalation and matchless quality. Hafi General Services (HGS) has the people, equipment, construction materials, experience, and bonding capacity to complete any project.
Interior Designing & Renovation:
We offer a complete interior design service for residential spaces. We offer lavishly built home designs for flats and bungalows.

Specialists in commercial outline and design, like offices, shops, and stores, we give a complete commercial interior design service; making solutions to suit your aspirations and achievements. Rather than superficial, expensive and impractical designs, the interior design team at SID has developed keeping the integrity and practicality of designs used for commercial, government or educational purposes all the way through from the initial concepts to the final result.

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