General Pesticide Information

General Pesticide Information

About Pesticide

General Pesticide are intended to control pests at your premises. The term pesticide includes all of the herbicide insecticides which may include insect growth regulators, termiticides, etc. Most pesticides are intended to serve as plant protection products which in general defend plants from insects.

First aid steps:

Immediate treatment can make a difference in a person’s recovery. Knowing the signs and symptoms of pesticide exposure is very important. It is important that employees learn to recognize these symptoms. They can recognize a potential overexposure in themselves or in a co worker.

Proper preparation and training is very important. First aid training should include specific information about the pesticides used at your place of work.

Some of the symptoms listed above may not be easy to distinguish from other illnesses. If in doubt, call your doctor hospital or local poison control center.

Training of first aid:

Know where and how to obtain medical assistance.
Have first aid equipment available such as eye wash shower, first aid kit, soap and water.
Protect yourself by wearing appropriate protective clothing and equipment when providing first aid as necessary. For example wear chemical protective gloves when administering first aid to the victim of a pesticide. That can be absorbed through the skin. Watch for health effects in yourself and co workers. If you suspect a poisoning get first aid and medical help as soon as possible. Keep the victim at rest warm and comfortable.

If a victim is not breathing, start artificial respiration. Many pesticides can be absorbed through the skin including the lips and mouth remember to protect yourself. Pesticides are often necessary to protect human health and the environment from a number of pests. Such as rodents or mosquitoes carrying disease or termites causing damage that could compromise the structural integrity of buildings. They are often necessary to produce a reliable, abundant and wholesome food supply.

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