We provide lots of item as per requirement. our aim is to provide cost efficient construction / procurement on a larger scale, straight from the source & offer civil works / supply solutions in the most demanding Environments where lead times and supply locations are challenging. Working as a Civil Works & General Order Supplier, we have commitment, dedication and Support of different business professionals and organizations of different fields to ensure best Quality services and perfect goods required by our customers.

(Lots of services under the one umbrella)

  • Computer Software Hardware Networking & Accessories
  • Security Equipments
  • Electronics goods
  • UPS, Batteries & Generators

Computer Software Hardware Networking & Accessories

We provide general Items in which Stationery, Computer Hardware, Software, Networking, Accessories, LCD, Printers, photocopier, fax machine & there Parts, as per order requirement.

Security Equipment

Hafi Pest Control Services provides best quality security equipments with services.

CCTV Camera.
Fire fighting equipment with Services.
Security guards.

UPS Batteries & Generators

Hafi Pest Control Services are a system integration company range of power security and networking solutions customized to clients requisitions.

In the past, enduring a power outage was as simple as lighting a candle and the fireplace. Not anymore. Without electricity, basements can flood. Security systems can falter. Home businesses can fail.

Many homeowners are unable or unwilling to wait out the next power outage, so they are installing backup power systems in their homes.

The first step in purchasing a backup power source is figuring out how much power you need. Power generation systems are rated according to the number of kilowatts (kW) of electricity they produce.