Hafi Services Was Created as a Company for Fumigation and Pest Control Services, in order to provide our clients with the best Fumigation Services in Karachi and also Near me all areas. Seeking to Satisfy their needs for Fumigation and pest control, offering all the experience of our Technical Specialists in Fumigation always using the best equipment and products on the market. Hafi Services offers Fumigation Services that are aimed at people concerned about Maintaining the Necessary Conditions and good living without pests. being a Fumigation Company in Karachi Focused on Sanitation and Environmental Hygiene.

Fumigation Services in Karachi

We provide Fumigation Services at Home, Ports, Buildings, Bang-lo, Offices and Corporate around the Karachi, Pakistan. As a result, these Services Achieve Compliance with Stringent National laws and best practices, as well as Best quality and safety standards. Our Fumigation Services and Pest Control Services that are effective and reliable at all stages of the supply chain include:

What is Fumigation Services?

The term fumigation has been used for many years as a generic term to define the activities of pest control companies, and was known as “fumigation companies”. But to be consistent with our position as experts, at Karachi. We only use the term fumigation when we refer to pest control treatments carried out with gases. We have been solving pest problems throughout Karachi, Pakistan for more than 10 years, developing. Our own treatments to ensure the greatest possible efficacy and with the support of a multinational company present throughout the world.

Where is Fumigation Services used?

Food Industry (flours, nuts, legumes, coffee, cocoa and tobacco) in treatment to eliminate Insects from Stored Products (IPA’s). Environmental treatment for the prevention and control of heavy infestations in closed areas (containers, warehouses) and in stack-able materials. Wood treatment against termites (furniture and beams).

How does Fumigation Services Work in Karachi?

Fumigants spread and penetrate grooves, cracks, and merchandise, eliminating pests at all stages of their life cycle. Pest elimination levels greater than 99% can be achieved. When used at the correct and appropriate concentrations, they leave negligible residues. They can be safely used to treat food products. Due to their penetrating power, they can be used in places where baits, powders or sprays would not be effective.

Fumigation Method Process

There are two treatment methods, heat treatment and methyl bromide fumigation treatment and more but here describe only 2 types.

In the heat treatment, the wood packing material is placed in a heating chamber (inside the kiln). The entire cross section including the core temperature is heated at 56 ° C or higher for 30 minutes or more. There is a method (DH) that heats the entire cross section continuously for 1 minute at a minimum of 60 degrees Celsius. In the case of methyl bromide fumigation treatment (MB). The lowest CT value (temperature of fumigation time of 24 hours or more, product of gas concentration x time). The final value after 24 hours for each temperature (wood and atmospheric temperature of 10 ° C or more). The concentration is specified After processing. It must be marked with an approval mark in accordance with international standards as proof. That it has been disinfected (Annex 2 of the International Standard).

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