Complete Termite Solutions by HAFI

Complete Termite Solutions by HAFI

Complete Termite Solutions by HGS: While you should always get usual termite inspections from a professional termite inspector. There are thing you can check in  inspections to help you protect your home against termites. and catch them early if there is a problem. Using in ground termite monitoring and baiting systems we can safely monitor termite activity and treat them.

Finding termites can leave you in a panic, wondering how many there are, what damage they’ve caused, and how to get rid of them! Our Experts have answers to all your questions and understand the importance of permanently eliminating termites, quickly!

Ineffective treatments can leave you believing your termites are all gone only to find they have never been completely eliminated causing thousand of dollars in more damage.
We understand your family’s safety and the importance of the environment is of massive importance. Our system is completely safe around pets and children.

Our patented system finds and stops, termites feeding within HOURS. Then works to eliminate the colony completely, within days. Unlike other treatments, ours forms an impenetrable barrier around your home. Guaranteeing total termite elimination and complete peace of mind. Deadly to termites, safe for kids and pets. Environmentally friendly termite solution.

Termite Travailing Points:

Termites love moisture so check your home for Termites. Water pools, or soil is perpetually wet, especially if the area is touching or very near the foundations of your home. Whilst inspecting your foundation look for cracks in concrete or wood, things like cracked concrete and expansion joints giver termites an easy point of entry.

Termite Treatment Process:

Using in-ground termite monitoring and baiting systems we can safely monitor termite activity and treat them. Our licensed professionals install unobtrusive baiting stations around the perimeter of your home. We then monitor these systems throughout the year and if termites are detected we will bait the stations.

First we place in-ground stations around your home a maximum of 3 m apart to provide a full protection zone. These stations include in ground and in concrete stations if required. We also add extra stations to hot spots around your home to speed up the process.
We find active termites inside your home we bait directly on top of them to get them feeding straight away starting the colony elimination process. Once all evidence of the colony is gone, we remove the internal stations and patch the wall lining.
We monitor all stations at regular monthly intervals to look for activity, once stations are active we smash them with a 1 kg of Requiem bait so the termites can gorge themselves silly and unknowingly feed the whole colony.

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