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28 02, 2018

Termite Proofing Chemicals in Pakistan

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Whenever you find termite proofing chemicals or service, you can visit our office or contact us. Termites harm wood and the cost of mend is in thousands of rupees every year. Termites are discovered in all structures constructed by us .They lives underneath the dirt and come up in pursuit of nourishment. Wood is their [...]

27 02, 2018

Termite Prevention Tips

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How do you prevent termites from damaging your home? We are sharing Termite Prevention Tips with you. So often you don’t know that you have termites. Still, there are various things you can do to inhibit the threat. Experts estimate it generally takes 3 to 8 years for termites to cause considerable damage although some [...]

26 02, 2018

General Services Company

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Hafi General Services Company is an industry leader. We are providing Pest control  services, General Order Supplier for offices, Civil and Construction Services, Interior Designing & Renovation Services. Our company provides the services as local agent. Our company has success through consistent focus on exceptionally low prices, outstanding delivery, and excellent customer service. Some of [...]

24 02, 2018

Termite Life Cycle Information

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Basic model of a termite life cycle indicates the three castes, reproductive, soldiers and workers. There are nymphs take part in the social life, and have their specific tasks to fulfill. The so far poorly understood idea of class strength of mind does not seem to be ultimate or too rigid. This procedure is controlled [...]

23 02, 2018

Commercial Rodent Control Services

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HGS industry leading commercial rodent control and keeping out services include a defensive preservation program. Mice and rats pose many intimidation to your business. Their highly critical nature the diseases they can transmit. The bacteria they can spread including salmonella and the additional pests. These cunning invaders can enter your organization through the tiniest of [...]

22 02, 2018

General Services for Commercial Pest

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HGS offer the General Services for your business. We will treat your specific pest problems at your industry. We will control that your pest problem including rodent, mosquitoes, cockroaches, termite, ants and spiders. We'll remove the rodent infestation from your site. Our environmentally friendly commercial pest control service effectively protects your home and business. HGS Commercial [...]

21 02, 2018

Fumigation Company in Karachi

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About Fumigation Company in Karachi: HGS (Hafi General Services) offers a full range of Fumigation Services, Termite Proofing (Constructed & under Construction Sites), Anti Bed Bugs & Mosquito Spray, General Pest Control / General Fumigation (cockroach and crawling insects), Rodent / Rats Control and Water tank Cleaning. Also we provide Construction, Renovation, Interior Designing and General Order Suppliers [...]

20 02, 2018

Pest Fumigation Specialists

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Pest Fumigation Specialists is here for solve your pest problem. HGS provide unbiased, safe, clean, affordable, convenient and 100% effective pest treatment. Our technical staff is professional & trained in fumigation ground. They kill the all kind of pests like, Bed Bugs and their Eggs, Clothes Moths, Wood-boring Beetles, Carpet Beetles, Termites, Cockroaches and other pests. [...]

19 02, 2018

General Pesticide Information

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About Pesticide General Pesticide are intended to control pests at your premises. The term pesticide includes all of the herbicide insecticides which may include insect growth regulators, termiticides, etc. Most pesticides are intended to serve as plant protection products which in general defend plants from insects. First aid steps: Immediate treatment can make a difference in a [...]

17 02, 2018

Commercial interior designing

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Commercial Interior Designing for your office and home. We offer our general services for you. We are expert in Pest Control services. Commercial building is one used for some sort of business purpose such as a store, office, warehouse and a restaurant. Just as there are many types of buildings there are different types of [...]