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11 11, 2017

Termite Proofing Services

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Termite Proofing Services Creepy and crawly house guests can be more than just annoying. Pests and termites can pose a real and serious threat to your home and family. Pests can leave painful and harmful bites on humans and pets Pests can carry diseases and viruses into your home Pests can contaminate and eat your [...]

10 11, 2017


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Cockroaches we are one of the big Fumigation-Services-Karachi and we will tell you how to control Cockroaches are better at hiding than you are at finding them. These pests can enter through multiple ways, through cracks, crevices, vents, sewers and drain pipes.  Without the special equipment, resources, products and know-how, they can be extremely difficult to control. [...]

10 11, 2017

Bed Bugs Services all over the Karachi

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BED BUGS How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Residential & Commercial sector. They do live and hide in the areas where we sleep. They are mostly found in bedding, mattresses, on headboards and in bed frames and box springs. Due to their size and nocturnal nature bed bugs can easily go undetected. Dark [...]

9 11, 2017

Bed Bugs Service,Karachi

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Bed Bugs Service,Karachi Introduction:   Range of services provides by HGS (Hafi General Services): Construction, Renovation, Interior Designing and Fumigation Services (bed bugs, Termites etc). The project teams Bed Bugs Services maintain a strong foundation of trust. Also mutual respect generated through positive relationship. With clients, architects, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers and Bed Bugs Services We are not only responsive. And sympathetic [...]

1 11, 2017

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Fumigation for Termite in D.H.A Karachi. FUMIGATION & TERMITE TREATMENTFumigation services are needed for healthy living and quality conscious communities like DHA Karachi. Latest machines and equipment is made available to clients. Call us for product & services. We provide reliable, convenient and cost effective solutions. We have performance oriented, results-driven teams focused on ensuring peace [...]